Working to make life better for you and your family

The NDP believe that the role of government is to help make life better for you and your family.  We believe everyone deserves a bite of the apple and the most vulnerable in society deserve our help and support.  Our opponents do not share our values and take a hands-off approach to governing.

The NDP has worked hard to get the government back to balance, where we live within our means and can pay down our debts.  We believe in pay as you go, and do not want banks to run our lives.  Nova Scotia’s credit rating is now better than it has ever been.  At the same time, the NDP has not forgotten the needs of Nova Scotia families:

  • Cutting personal income tax (by $11 million) this year for every Nova Scotian and
  • Reducing the HST by 1% in 2014 and by another 1% in 2015
  • Saving families money through the removal of HST on home energy bills and family necessities including children’s clothing, footwear, and diapers
  • Providing ongoing tax relief to 225,000 people who earn less than $30,000 a year and about 15,000 vulnerable low income Nova Scotians, many with disabilities
  • Making childcare more affordable by increasing the Nova Scotia Child Benefit 40% and by ensuring that over a thousand more children have places in daycares and pre-schools around the province.
  • Extending free basic dental coverage for children to age 13 and then rolling out a plan to increase coverage to age 17 over the next four years; and to reduce wait times for children’s dental surgery
  • Covering the cost of insulin pumps and supplies for eligible children and youth to age 19 and supplies for people 19 to 25 with type 1 diabetes who use an insulin pump
  • Capping the price of generic drugs to ensure Nova Scotians on pharmacare are paying lower prices for their prescriptions
  • Offering help to families supporting a child with a disability to obtain respite care, medication and transportation;
  • Helping more people with disabilities live independently
  • Supporting people on income assistance or with disabilities to enter and remain in the workforce, keeping more of their earned income.
  • Making the largest investment in student assistance in a generation by capping tuition, investing $30 million in student bursaries, and capping student debt;
  • Capping cell phone cancellation fees and making sure consumers know about any contract changes that may increase their cell phone bills;

By removing the HST from necessities, fair drug pricing, providing free basic dental care for children and tax credits for families and seniors, and providing income assistance to the most needy, the NDP has made life more affordable for Nova Scotians.

Together, we can keep building a better future for today’s families.