Social Media Posts

Social Media Posts and Sharing

Facebook and Google+

I think there are three elements which allow easy posting on Facebook and Google+ to get a message out.

  1. Photo or graphic (can come from the linked article)
  2. A “taster”, “teaser” or “hook” – a few lines of text encouraging someone to explore more
  3. A link for more information (the “URL” or “website address”).


Twitter needs to convey the message more clearly in less text (140 characters or less) but can add the same elements: photo, text and link.


For our blog, a posting will need a photograph or infographic which is free for us to use (not subject to copyright) – so ideally a picture you, a friend or family member took to illustrate the point.

A “teaser” is good as we can use it on social media to link to the article.

More information on blog posts:

Sharing is caring

If you wish to share something, please submit at least the URL for more information plus the “taster” or “teaser” text. In many cases a photograph will not be needed as Facebook or Google+ will select one from the article. For Twitter a photograph or infographic is optional. A good “teaser” plus the URL is often enough on Twitter to encourage clicks.