Putting Kids First

Nova Scotians want the best education for their kids.  The NDP puts kids and learning first.  It wants school boards to spend more in the classroom and less on themselves.  The NDP hired more teachers to keep classroom sizes small so students can achieve better results in subjects like math, science and reading. Schools play an important role in our community.  The NDP listened to parents and communities, putting a halt to school closures, and is committed to developing a fairer, more inclusive school review process.  It took a strong stand on cyber bullying, giving principals clear authority to act on-or-off the school grounds.

Nova Scotia has to deal with the challenges facing schools and universities.  Everything costs more and simply throwing more money at the educational system won’t solve these problems.  Our opponents are making reckless spending promises but they have a record of budget cuts, wage freezes and mass layoffs..

The NDP is putting kids and learning first by hiring more teachers and keeping class sizes small so students can achieve better results in key areas like math, science and reading. The NDP is helping prepare kids for their future.

  • Our teacher-to-student ratios are the lowest they have been in over a decade, and we are spending more than ever per student
  • Double the number of schools are offering skilled trade courses
  • The SchoolsPlus program brings services from across government into our schools
  • The province also recognised the important role the school plays in many communities by offering grants to allow more community groups to use our schools for physical, cultural, and educational activities

The NDP wants school boards to make better use of your tax dollars.  It met the challenge of declining school enrollment head on and wants to ensure that education dollars are spent where they are needed most – in the classroom – by requiring school boards to reduce administrative overhead and the use of consultants. Because the NDP capped class-sizes, the P-3 cap of 25 students meant over 75 new teachers will be hired this year

The NDP also listened to parents and communities, putting a halt to the school closure review process and is committed to developing a fairer, more inclusive review process

The NDP invested $5.5 million to ensure that every pre-school aged child with autism gets the help they need – previously a lottery system was used to choose who got help

Together, we can keep working to put kids and learning first.

Post – Secondary Education

Nova Scotia had the worst student assistance program in Canada and the NDP invested in student bursaries and capped student tuition and debt.


  • Increased funding for student assistance by $45 million –  by $4.6 million in 2013-14 alone
  • Decreased the loan-to-grant ratio for student loans from 80%/20% to 60%/40% – which means students, have less to repay when they graduate;
  • Implemented a 3% cap on tuition rate increases, protecting students from tuition spikes;
  • Extended the Nova Scotia’s Student Bursary Program to help keep tuition rates at or below the national average.
  • Created the Graduate Retention Rebate Program, which rebates $1500 of provincial tax paid over six years, to graduates who settle in Nova Scotia

The NDP undertook an extensive review of apprenticeship in Nova Scotia with the goal of making the program more accessible and increasing completion rates. It created 250 new community college seats targeted to high-demand trades and professions with the support of employers to provide opportunities for Nova Scotia workers

Together, we can keep building a better future for Nova Scotia students.