Our Forests, Our Future

Bowater Tree Harvestor
Bowater lands kept safe

The NDP bought back 30% of Annapolis County, when Bowaters went out of business. Local people want these lands to remain in public ownership, and the NDP wants you to have a greater say in their future.  The NDP launched the Community Forests initiative to help local people get back to work in the woods.  The NDP protected designated lands in the Tobeatic and Medway District for recreation at the request of Annapolis County, for Míkmaq people, and to protect jobs at Milford House, of outfitters and of tour operators, who are increasingly bringing tourists to our county.

Our greatest fear when Bowaters went out of business was that forest workers would be without work for years while these lands were sold-off to outsiders.  Small private woodlot owners are hurting and we want them to receive more assistance to market their wood.

Bowater lands
Bowater lands protected for us all

The NDP launched the Community Forest initiative which will help local people put the forests back to work and make a living in the woods again.

We feel that local people should be given more opportunities to participate in the collaborative management of Crown Lands.  Greater efforts should be made to ensure the public decision making and the accountability of industries that operate on Crown Lands.  Natural Resources should seek at least Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification for all forestry leases.

Conservation lands make up a very small percentage of the Bowater lands. 

The NDP has approved expansion of the boundary of the Tobeatic Wilderness Area and the establishment of the Medway Conservation Planning Unit.

See the Parks and Protected Areas Plan – interactive map 

  • to protect the wilderness recreation areas designated by Annapolis County
  • to protect the jobs of people who work at Milford House, and the outfitters and tour operators who are increasingly bringing tourists to visit our County

We are confident that a good balance between protection, access, and use in these areas will be worked out over time with public input.

We need a carefully managed buffer zone to protect recently designated parklands, nature reserves, and wilderness areas in the Medway District. The conservation values of these protected areas are beyond dispute: protecting headwaters and canoe routes; wildlife corridors and refuges for endangered species such as the mainland moose, unique plants such as 400 year old stands of hemlock, and habitat for the Blandings turtle.

In conservation areas we need to remove roads and limit motorised access.  There is considerable research to show that these intrusions fragments the habitats of many species and leads to long term population declines.

The NDP opened up designated forestry roads to ATV use. The Medway district is large enough to allow for ATV use in designated areas and we could involve clubs in managing these trails.  However, we may have to consider permits and seasonal restrictions on use.

Acadian Forest