Our Farms, Our Future!

Family farms, market gardens, orchards, and u-picks make Annapolis a special place to live. The NDP has invested more in local food campaigns, farmers markets, and help for new farmers, which has resulted in Nova Scotia being the only province since 2009 to see an increase in the number of farms.

Support for agriculture
Support for agriculture

The NDP doubled the funding for the Select Nova Scotia Program launched in 2007 to promote local food products. Over one third of the Nova Scotian public is now aware of this buy local campaign

The NDP will provide start-up funds next year to more than one dozen community shared agricultural operations (CSA’s) in the Annapolis Valley. CSA members or shareholders pay in advance for shares of what is grown and produced on local farms.  Some CSA only provide fresh produce, while others provide combination of fresh vegetables fruit, meat, bread, or eggs.

Our farms, our futureFamilies want more opportunities to buy fresh local food, and the NDP is committed to having 20% of the food bought by Nova Scotians be locally produced by 2020.

The NDP will add an extra $1 million to the FarmNEXT program to reduce the borrowing costs for farmers starting new farms (by up to $30,000) and those taking over existing farms (by up to $20,000)

The NDP has also committed to improving farming practices (e.g. soil management) and farm safety.

Annapolis FarmlandThe NDP will introduce a micro-credit program in its next term to encourage the growth of small farms and rural business.

If you want grow local or buy local support the NDP.  There is a future for our Valley farms.