Maureen MacDonald

Maureen MacDonald
Maureen MacDonald, MLA Interim Leader of the NSNDP

The interim leader of the Nova Scotia NDP is Maureen MacDonald.

Maureen MacDonald is well-respected throughout our province and in her community as a hard-working down-to-earth person who tries every day to make life better for those around her.

A former social worker, Maureen has a deep belief in working with others to develop their own capacity to help themselves.

As Minister of Health and Wellness, Maureen led many of the initiatives that are among the NDP government’s major achievements: Collaborative Emergency Centres, Fair Prices for Generic Drugs, NS’s 1st Mental Health Strategy, Restoring the Children’s Dental program, Better Care for Seniors initiatives.

John DeMont, senior writer and columnist for the Chronicle Herald writing about Maureen’s time at Health said, “She is cool. She gets things done…” (Herald Magazine March 10, 2013)

As Nova Scotia’s first female Minister of Finance, she introduced a balanced budget in spring 2013.

Maureen says she draws her inspiration from her parents – her father, now deceased, a blue-collar worker who worked in sawmills and construction, and her mother, a stay home mother who could feed the multitudes with little or no warning, often with food grown on local farms or in her own garden.

After moving from her small, rural NS home in Linwood, Antigonish County, Maureen attended university at St. FX (BA), Dalhousie (MSW), and the University of Warwick, UK (PhD).

Maureen’s past employment includes social work at the NS Hospital (Adolescent & Children’s Services), Dalhousie Legal Aid, the North End Community Health Centre, and with CBC – TV News. Prior to her election in 1998, Maureen was a faculty member at the Maritime School of Social Work at Dalhousie University.

Maureen is a long-time resident of North End Halifax in the historic Hydrostone district, where she shares a home with two spoiled cats, Thelma and Louise.

Maureen has worked with numerous women’s organizations (Bryony House, Adsum House, Stepping Stone), housing groups, and in the Credit Union movement.