Jobs Here


You should be able to find a good job close to home. That’s why the NDP is fighting to keep jobs here, by helping local business thrive, and grow, and by attracting investment, which keeps jobs in Nova Scotia.   The NDP wants to help you succeed in an increasingly competitive market place and doesn’t stand idly by and say too bad when you lose your job because a company is pulling up stakes to leave the Province

Major employers left Annapolis County a long time ago. The Opposition parties have a record of supporting corporate welfare bums.  As Henry knows from working at Convergys there is a long history of all levels of government chipping in and paying for nearly everything and when the grants run out the company pulls up stakes and leaves..

Stephen McNeil has repeatedly spoken out against bringing thousands of good jobs and new investment home to Nova Scotia.  In a competitive world for jobs he doesn’t believe in working with companies to bring good jobs to Nova Scotia. He would let good jobs go elsewhere.

The NDP has cut small business taxes by forty percent

The NDP has invested more than previous governments in skills training, created hundreds of community college spaces, and capped tuition.

The NDP will build on that work by helping people who want to start their own businesses and offer incentives to those that hire apprentices

The NDP knows that more needs to be done to help bring jobs to Annapolis County such as

  • improving rural roads and wireless access,
  • making sure that training and apprenticeships for the jobs of tomorrow are available here today
  • marketing and promoting the area better


jobsHere is the NDP’s strategy to create good jobs and grow a strong, more sustainable economy.

Over the past 20 years, Nova Scotia’s economic growth has been lower than any other province in Canada.  As the economy went global, competition increased, technology took off and Nova Scotia didn’t keep up. To grow our economy, Nova Scotia needs improved productivity. That’s everyone working better and getting more value from the work they do..Nova Scotia needs more opportunities for people to learn valued skills. Better-trained workers are better-paid workers. Nova Scotia also needs increased investment in new processes, new equipment, and new ideas. To compete you need to innovate.

The NDP has used a variety of means to help business create jobs

  • Loan guarantees on secured assets help businesses borrow money at better interest rates (e.g. to win the Shipbuilding contract)
  • Direct equity ( e.g. transferred the shuttered Trenton plant to Daewoo to build wind turbines)
  • Forgivable loans if job objectives are met
  • Payroll rebates helping to attract and keep jobs in Nova Scotia ( eg. IBM & Westjet)
  • Vouchers that have helped small and medium-sized businesses in the Valley connect with local universities and colleges for research and development expertise, technical feasibility studies, prototype development, and technology and scientific support.
  • Transitional assistance particularly in resource industries to help businesses and workers adjust to major disruptions

These investments are not without risks but they are not corporate giveaways.  Look around you, we are in a tough competition to attract jobs and grow Nova Scotia’s economy.  You are worth it.