Improving Rural Roads


Highway 10The NDP promised in 2009 to fix rural roads and has kept that promise.  Priorities are set by transportation professionals free of political meddling.  An updated five year plan is published every year for public review and so contractors can plan for upcoming work.

Nova Scotia used to have the highest paving cost per kilometer of any Maritime Province.  Because of the new in-house asphalt plant and chip sealing crew, bid prices have dropped by 20% allowing about $20 million to be redirected to other road projects.  And in-house plant and crews can now do small or difficult jobs when we can’t get a bid or a fair price.

The Tories only paved main roads when they got matching federal dollars and other roads at election time.  They let rural roads go to ruin.

The Liberals have opposed NDP efforts to increase competition so we can pave more roads for less money.. Stephen McNeil has even said the he would cut $70 million from the road budget.

The NDP has invested $1.3 billion, more than any previous government, on paving and road repair around Nova Scotia, creating needed jobs in rural communities.  The NDP has resurfaced more than 2,500 kilometres of road since 2009. Last year, the NDP paved or resurfaced more than 600 kilometres, 100 kilometres more than planned.  In the 2013-2014 the NDP plans to do 700 kilometres of resurfacing. The road building industry is a large source of good jobs in rural Nova Scotia.

When you spend too much time on Highway 101 you do not realise how really hard it is to get around.  Bad roads and poor access deter visitors and add to the cost of doing business here.  Our roads are now getting the repairs they need. Support NDP efforts to keep Annapolis roads paved and safe to travel.

Annapolis Paving Projects 2009-2012
Annapolis Paving Projects 2009-2012

Road paving with the NDP means paying less and paving more.  A multi-year plan means families, community groups and municipalities will know when their roads will be worked on.

Let’s keep moving forward with the NDP on better roads!