Federal Atlantic Platform

candidates2Tom Mulcair says:

After ten years of Stephen Harper, families in Atlantic Canada are working harder than ever, but too many are struggling to get ahead.

It’s time the people of Atlantic Canada had a federal government that is on their side.

For too long, successive Liberal and Conservative governments have told Atlantic Canadians to expect less and have delivered less: cuts to government services like health care, a growing infrastructure deficit, and a sputtering, unbalanced economy.

You deserve better.

The NDP commitment to Atlantic Canada speaks directly to the unique issues that face this region and the opportunities we have to improve life for everyone who lives here.

We have a plan to create jobs, improve health care, help our seniors live in dignity and give our young people a fair start in life.

It’s practical, affordable and a blueprint for a better life for people like you. You can count on me and my strong NDP team to work for you and your family – not just at election time, but each and every day.

That’s the kind of leadership Atlantic Canadians deserve – leadership you can trust.



Download the attached document to read the NDP’s Atlantic Platform