Blog Post Guidelines

Length: around 250 words

Formatting: keep to a minimum. Use bold or italics and paragraphs. Hyperlinks are acceptable. Do not use bullets (denote with * when you want them), indents, specific fonts, different font sizes, subscript, superscript (including for footnotes), headers, footers, page numbering or images or other graphics in your document (see below).

Images: images help to illustrate a posting. Ideally a photograph or diagram should be your own work, have permission to use (do we need to credit?) or is specifically available royalty free or creative commons license that we can use. Images should be big enough to be resized (minimum 600 x 600 but photographs should generally be 800 pixels wide minimum – try not to send graphic files over 5mb). Do not include graphics in a word document but send them as separate attachments. Include any caption for the image, chart etc with the text or in a covering email.

Style: a good first paragraph can help encourage further reading and can be used as a “teaser” with a “read more” link to the rest of the article. Short paragraphs look better on a page and encourage readers. Include sources at the bottom of the document or links to further information.

File Formats: Word or google docs documents work best for text, photographs should ideally be in jpg and other graphics (charts, logos, cartoons) in png or gif files. Attach files to an email.


Include a note of any specific formatting required (footnotes, indenting etc) and include with the documents.