Annual General Meeting 2014

Andrew Wetmore
Andrew played his banjo and sang politically inspired songs

On February 23rd 2014, the Annapolis Electoral District Association of the Nova Scotia New Democratic Party held our Annual General Meeting in Paradise.

We wanted to have a fun meeting as well as the business which we needed to transact to ensure the smooth running of the association.

We started with some politically inspired songs followed by some fun multiple choice trivia – with a number of “who said that?” questions.

Our guest speaker was MLA for Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River, Lenore Zann. Lenore spoke about her personal journey from actor to politician and lessons she has learnt during that time. Lenore’s talk was informative, uplifting and inspiring. Following her talk she even carried on the musical start to the meeting and shared a song with us.

We gave Lenore the first copy of a new Jack Layton card created locally by Paradise Papercraft.

Lenore Zann, MLA
Lenore Zann, MLA with her Jack Layton card

The formal AGM involved election of new officers and selection of delegates to the upcoming NSNDP Convention in April. Twomotions were also adopted to be considered at the convention.

The new executive committee include:

President – Matthew Guy
Vice-President – Nancy Smith
Secretary – Matt Dubois
Treasurer – Henry Spurr

A fine tradition was started to ensure the Annual General Meeting is a fun rejuvenating event as well as ensuring that all the regular essential business is transacted. I am already looking forward to next year’s meeting!

Matthew Guy


Lenore Zann, MLA
Lenore Zann, MLA speaking to the meeting