About Annapolis

Annapolis Electoral District
Annapolis Electoral District (Click for link to bigger map)

Our riding of Annapolis is one of 51 provincial electoral ridings in Nova Scotia. Due to our position in the alphabet, Annapolis is No. 1. We think we are number one for many different reasons.

Annapolis Electoral District is 2,914 sq. km. and includes the towns of Middleton, Bridgetown and Annapolis Royal. We extend from Wilmot in the east to the east side of Bear River in the West. Our boundaries extend from the Bay of Fundy to the north to Nine Mile Woods and Springfield in the south.

Our current MLA is Stephen McNeil of the Liberal Party who is also currently the Premier of Nova Scotia.

For the October 2013 election, we had 15,919 eligible voters, 10,209 votes cast or a 64.1% turnout.