A Better Deal for Today’s Seniors

THERE YOU GO AGAIN taking credit for NDP programs for seniors!

Dont ya know there is an Election called and it is against the rules to use your office budget for a selfie.  The NDP can be counted on to look after todays seniors.

Stephen McNeil


The NDP believes we owe seniors the dignity of a secure healthy retirement.

Liberal and Conservative cuts hit seniors hard.  The Liberals began and the Conservatives kept on charging seniors for health care in nursing homes forcing many into bankruptcy until the NDP forced them to change the rules.  When McNeil voted to keep the HST on home heating oil, it hurt seniors the most.

In their first four years the NDP ensured

  • 25,000 seniors on a Guaranteed Income Supplement got a provincial income tax refund of up to $450 and
  • Increased the Property Tax Rebate for Seniors by $200 to a maximum of $800

The NDP expanded the Caregiver benefit, restorative care and self-managed programs to allow seniors to manage their own care and stay in their homes and communities longer

The NDP has opened nearly one thousand new long care beds since 2009

The NDP capped generic drug prices lowering the Pharmacare prices seniors pay

In their next four years the NDP will help cover the costs of hearing aids. It has plans for new and upgraded long-term care beds and expanding homecare.  The NDP will also create a team to help seniors obtain the government services they need.