Annapolis NDP – Welcome

Annapolis NDPWelcome to the website of the Annapolis NDP.

We are the New Democratic Party (NDP) for the Electoral District of Annapolis.

We meet as a group regularly and are always happy for the involvement of new members who are interested in discussing issues with us and helping to further progressive politics and New Democratic values in the county. We are active and engaged in our community. We will not ask for your vote at the election but ignore you in the period between.

This is a great part of the world to live and there are lots of events happening. On this website we will not only list our own meetings and events but we are also happy to promote other events and activities in the county. Please contact us if you would like us to list your event.

Bookmark the site or add it to your favourites and check back regularly.

Find out more about us and consider joining with us as a member of the NDP or adding yourself to our mailing list below.

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